How to Launch a Podcast in 30 Days

Diamond Young
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This e-book and guide will teach those who may be hesitant to start a podcast how to create and launch a podcast that stands out in 30 days. It will teach students how to define their niche, purchase equipment on a budget, find the perfect guests online, build an email list, and how to market your podcast before you even launch. 

Have you always wanted to create a podcast but don't know where to start? Do you already have a podcast but you're not sure if you built & launched it in the right way? 


  • Is podcasting right for you? It is, if….
  • You want to connect with your audience and expand your reach and add another source of income
  • You’re an expert in your field and have a lot of insight to share.
  • You can be positioned as an expert and share knowledge with your audience
  • You want to have leverage as a media platform holder

You may be thinking can you really pull this off in 30 days? I'm here to tell you that you can do it because I've personally done it. I'm giving you all of the tools in this ebook to create a successful show. 

I created and launched the BLK Directory podcast within a month and I received over 300+ downloads within my first 60 days of launch! Now it's your turn. In this podcast ebook, I'll teach you how to:

  • Define their niche
  • Identify your audience
  • Purchase equipment on a budget 
  • Find the perfect guests online
  • Build an email list 
  • Market your podcast before you even launch
  • Plan your episodes & more 

No more standing on the sidelines. It's your turn to have a game-changing podcast. Get this course while it's on sale. I can't wait to hear your podcast. 

Please email all questions to: All sales are final. There are no exchanges or refunds allowed at this time.

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How to Launch a Podcast in 30 Days

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